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“Tech Talent School” is part of Socialinnov’s “Tech Talent” program, which, since 2017, is officially supported by the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative. It aims at the development of digital skills within the Greek labor market and the networking between professionals and the private sector.

Tech Talent School’s (TTS) goal is the creation of employment opportunities for the Greek youth by providing free ICT training programs. TTS is focusing on ages between 15 – 25, enabling them to acquire digital skills and enhance their employment prospects. High school and university students, newly graduates, young unemployed people, members of underserved communities and even immigrants and refugees are the potential beneficiaries.

“Tech Talent School’s” curriculum is developed in close cooperation with the tech industry, building on the digital skills a prospective employee should acquire. TTS curriculum includes courses that are competitive and focused on every participant’s personal development, giving them an overview of new trends and technologies that are essential to the new digital markets.

The curriculum is constantly updated thanks to Socialinnov’s and Found.ation’s corporate network. Using relevant available data, TTS analyses and identifies the needs of both employers and professionals and translates them to high value education programs. TTS instructors have extensive educational and professional experience in the private sector, with participation in over 250 educational programs/courses.

Tech Talent School is supporting the young Greek human capital and takes a decisive step to help reduce youth unemployment. Digital literacy, technological progress and innovation are key drivers of sustainable growth.

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